Sunday, March 3, 2013

5 Animals The Terrible Man Eaten

There are some animals that has the form of creepy but really like being eaten by humans even animals taste is very good. Now you want to know any kind of animal that looks spooky spooky but like human edible refer 5 Terrible The Animal Man Eaten below.

1. Fish Snake heads

Snakehead fish is a fish with a very terrible in accordance with its terrible that fish is a very fierce predator fish fish even had a chance to create problems in the United States. although its very spooky fish, it is also commonly eaten by humans even have very bad taste.

2. Black Spiny-tail Iguana

Black Tailed Iguana has the look like giant lizards in the era of the dinosaurs, but it turns out you know you know people who want to consume is animal call Arasa Black Tailed Iguana meat is a very unique flavor Black Tailed Iguana meat is chicken flavor clash with the texture of crab. Therefore keen to try.

3. Catfish

Catfish are predatory fish that also makes people uneasy is the United States Catfish are native fish of the Amazon River, spread in the waters of the American River. Said the man who never ate fish meat is said to be very tough and chewy chewy.

4. Tilapia

fish with a tough appearance, rough with spines in the fins it is capable of hurting anyone who tries to disturb him. Nevertheless tilapia is a herbivore, which became a favorite of river crocodiles and of course humans.

5. Wild boar
Forms of forest babai unlike pigs and wild boar darker regarded as pests by farmers, but do you know this turns wild boar meat taste similar to beef so that often eat by humans.

Well that's awful animals that are often eaten by humans.